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Lavonne Davis
Lindsay Saker 
Dealer Principal


Mamba Security have been heading our guarding on our premises for three years already. They are also the front of our business by controlling the gate access for our customers. Leading the most important part of our business, I can honestly applaud them for their transparency and eagerness to assist under all circumstances. Open discussions to adjust with the industry and ensure that our business is not just safe for our customers and employees, but also to ensure that professionalism is the core of their standards. We as Lindsay Saker Edenvale are the proud name behind Mamba Security and their staff.

Our Tribe Has Spoken

Marilyn Govender 
Aloe Ridge Estate Manager

I would like to recommend to you the high-quality services of Mamba Security. As a long-standing Client (effective from 01.06.2014), Mamba Security have always provided Aloe Ridge 2 with 24 hour service, been professional and prompt. The reputation of Mamba Security has grown to be quite high in our area. They are very community oriented and always willing to assist. I believe that Mamba Security would be an excellent fit for your estate.

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G. Van Aswegen 
Afritrek Logistics Maintenance Manager

They have supplied us with very well-trained guards on site. They are constantly doing on-site training with the guards who are visited daily by management. They have supplied us with excellent security solutions and are constantly doing risk assessments and advising us how to better our security. We are also making use of their armed response which are in a much higher class than any other security company used before. Their response times are excellent, and they never stop assisting with extra patrols when needed, at no extra cost, and their control room is being manned by very well-trained officers who keeps us updated at all times with any activities in the area.