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Armed Response

Mamba Security is known for our caring, fast, professional response to our clients. Over the years we have had the pleasure of arresting hundreds of criminals and recovered many stolen vehicles. We are proud to have saved a fortune of goods from being stolen from our clients, and we are honoured to have saved countless lives. We are known for industry leading response times and our track record ensures our clients feel secure. Our reaction officers have also helped with rescuing kittens out of trees, to delivering babies. Our purpose is to help you whenever we can! We THANK YOU for the opportunity to present our services and look forward to working with you in the near future!

Armed Response

Dedicated Vehicles

Mamba believes that effective mitigation of crime begins with area dedicated Armed Response vehicles. These vehicles maintain high visibility in a small defined area which also leads to the best response times.


These vehicles have state of the art technology which includes dash cams as well as auto-dispatch devices, linked live to the Mamba Control Centre

Dedicated Vehicles

Medical Response

Abandoned baby rescued.


An infant was left in a box at a school in the Edenvale Avenues. Lanie (Mamba Counselor) was the first to find out about the baby and called the Mamba Control Centre for assistance. 


EMER-G-MED was dispatched for medical assistance. After doing a medical examination of the baby, it was determined that the baby is in good health.

Medical Response

Special Operations Unit

CHASE, SHOOTOUT, SUSPECTS ARRESTED An armed robbery occurred at a residence in Hurlyvale, Edenvale. Alerts were quickly distributed on emergency whatsapp groups. Our Special Operations Unit was patrolling in Croydon when they received the alert and immediately headed towards Hurlyvale. Special Operations Commander, Joconiah, noticed a blue Hyundai i20 skip a red robot and proceed into oncoming traffic. Joconiah did a u-turn and the chase was on. The vehicle headed towards Illiondale when a passenger pulled out a firearm and fired shots at him. He returned fire hitting the vehicle's right rear tyre, slowing the suspects down to a halt. Four suspects then exited the vehicle and fled into a residence in Macnab St. Mamba Reaction Officers, EMPD, SAPS, a SAPS Chopper and the K9 unit responded and the chase ensued in full force while the suspects jumped from house to house. All 4 suspects were found and arrested. Thank you to Joconiah "Sniffer Dog" and his special operations team for their dedication and commitment and for once again, putting away criminals!

Special Operations Unit

K9 Unit

Mamba was approached by Sebenza SAPS for assistance in searching for narcotics at Cresslawn Primary School. Tania (a.k.a Wonder Woman) provided assistance, searching all the classrooms and ablutions for grade 6 and 7. An unknown substance disguised in paint was detected as well as drug related paraphernalia. As a result, two students were detained and their parents were contacted for further action. The school was pleased with our services.



EMER-G-MED is a premier private Emergency Services Provider in the pre-hospital category, offering an elite service which has a core competency in managing emergency medical risk.


To enhance this service even further Mamba launched the TacMed vehicle which is dedicated to Mamba clients, further improving response times.

WhatsApp Emergency Groups

Only emergency issues are communicated.


These groups are monitored 24 hours a day by the Mamba Control Centre.


Management also monitors these WhatsApp groups Alerts from these groups have led to the successful arrest of suspects.

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