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 Neighbourhood Security Forum 

Mamba hosted a Neighbourhood Security Forum (NSF) where information on safety for domestics was presented. Mamba Managers Daniel and Josias discussed examples of incidents where domestics were in danger or where a domestic was the reason a suspect was apprehended. Tips that related to these incidents were given to the domestics. Sgt. Jacob Mashile (Edenvale SAPS communications officer) from SAPS stressed the fact that the domestics are the community’s eyes and ears and need to be aware that they too can be a target. We urge our local domestics to stay safe and know how to report suspicious activity.

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 Community Training 

Mamba, together with Trium Consulting, hosted a Woman's Defensive Knife Course. The attendees were trained in awareness, knife combat and self defence. The training included the fundamentals of knife fighting, various strategic knife defence guidelines and offensive knife fighting techniques. More importantly, the ladies were taught that knife fighting is about surviving and defending yourself against attack. “It was very informative and I will never forget all the new moves I learned today. I do feel more empowered!!!" - Natasha, Hurlyvale Resident

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 Child Safety 

Mamba can’t protect your children from detention or homework, however we can protect your child from criminals and kidnappers.

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 Close Personal Protection 

Business executives and children of wealthy families are now, more than ever, at increased risk of kidnapping at the hands of unscrupulous criminals. They are targeted for a variety of reasons, the main one being financial gain.


Mamba can provide suitable resources to accompany and protect those executives and children when they move into an environment where they are potentially at risk.


With focus on confidentiality, professionalism and dedication to our clients, we ensure a holistic approach

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 Background Screening 

Improve the quality and standard of your employment procedures by identifying dishonest applicants, which saves you time and money. Reduce the risks and cost associated with bad hiring by ensuring all candidates are screened comprehensively and regularly.

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The purpose of a crime scene investigation is to help establish what happened (crime scene reconstruction), to identify the responsible person/people and to provide practical recommendations and solutions to prevent the same event from happening again.