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Have a solar kit installed directly into your alarm system. This will ensure that the integrity of your alarm system is not compromised during load-shedding. 

Mamba Solar is able to assist with full solar installations for your entire premises. 

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 Mamba App 

- Direct connection to the Mamba Control Centre. 

- Arm & Disarm your home alarm system remotely. 

- Panic Remote with GEO Location

- Medical Response 

- Fire Emergency Response 

Whatsapp "Mamba App" to: 083 300 2975

Mamba App
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Mamba has eight in-house technical teams, highly trained in installations of all major alarm system brands. Our technicians receive continual training to keep up to date with changes in technology in the security industry. Mamba has a variety of the latest alarm equipment. From gate motor kits that alert you via the Mamba App that criminals are trying to derail your gate, to camera systems with built in AI technology, Mamba has a solution to suit your needs.

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Various maintenance agreements are available which include monthly, biannual or annual. Please speak to your Mamba security consultant to make sure you have chosen the correct package that suits your needs. The advantage of a maintenance agreement is to give you peace of mind and that you know the integrity of your alarm is never compromised

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 LPR Camera System 

The LPR cameras in the network are linked directly to Mamba‘s state of the art Control Centre. This facility enables us to follow and track a vehicle from one camera to the next as it moves through a particular area. This means we are able to prevent crime in Real-Time.

- WIDE COVERAGE The best feed in town, all over town. Cameras are interconnected and able Mamba visibility across different suburbs.

- GUARANTEED UPTIME We take care of camera operation, connectivity, feed streaming and storage.

- CENTRALISED TECHNOLOGY Mamba Security monitors footage, integrates analytics and uses NPR from industry leading software Milestone.

- STRICT PRIVACY Footage retrieval and the use of data is subject to stringent controls.

LPR Camera System
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 Control Centre 

Having a local Control Centre, the operational hub of the group of companies, is critical to the efficient and effective sharing of information between all relevant stakeholders.

Control Centre
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